"Wheel locking and permitting has proven the most effective method of parking lot management over our past 20+ years in property management. LMS has repeatedly proven itself to be a reliable company."


Advanced Realty Property Management & Referral, Inc. 

Client of 15 yrs

"We have been using Lot Management Solutions for over thirteen years for all of are properties. We were using towing before and never got the same results as we have gotten from wheel locking. We would suggest that every property consider using the free services of LMS."

 Butler Apartments                                                                 

 Client of 13 yrs                                                                                        

"We are proof that LMS permitting and wheel locking is the best parking enforcement solution. Before LMS started enforcing our parking rules we would have problems with late night parties. We would have to send the police to our properties after tenants would call us all hours of the night for noise and fights. We have not had to deal with any of these problems for years now."

Kuster Properties

Client of 8 yrs