Most asked questions

If I am having problems with people parking in my private lot even after warning them and posting towing signs, should I contact LMSYES we would be glad to come out and evaluate your lot and give you the best method to correct your violation issues.

How long has LMS been enforcing private lots? For over fifteen years. We started with one lot in Boone, NC on Howard Street used by Grape Vine Cafe.

Why wheel lock over towing? When you tow it does not leave a visual deterrent for the next potential violator entering the lot. Wheel locking does not force violator to locate their vehicle , find a way to the tow lot and then pay a higher fine to have vehicle returned.

Why was the enforcement officer wearing an ID? LMS requires all their agents to wear an ID so that the violator can see we are a legal business able to work in private owed lots.

Who tells LMS what to place on signs and where they are to be located in lot? The local government where the lot is located. All lots are signed off on by police or local authority assuring they meet ordinances before any vehicles are locked.

Why was my vehicle wheel locked? You parked in a private lot that had posted rules and you did not follow the posted rules in one or more ways.

If I park in a lot that is posted and walk away form the lot and then come back sometime later to utilize the businesses that the lot serves, will I be wheel locked?   YES if you are seen leaving the lot without your vehicle LMS has no idea what your plans are. That is why some signs state "ALL WALKAWAYS WILL BE WHEEL LOCKED". (This could be before you enter building or after you exit the building)

If I find my vehicle wheel locked can I go in business and spend money and then expect agent to remove lock without paying the removal fee? NO if we allowed that, we would not be able to effectively enforce the posted rules.

Does the property, lot owner  or businesses in building make any money off wheel locking? NO it would be a conflict of interest. This way LMS can take full responsibility when it comes to enforcement of their property.

Who has final say in lots LMS enforces? LMS makes all final decisions. The agent that comes to unlock your vehicle can not change the posted rules that are on the signs. No one can override the agent or the posted rules.

Can an LMS agent ask me to leave a property they are working?YES all agents have the authority to have you removed if they find that you are disrupting or being a danger to others.

I parked in a private lot  that was not full  and walked away and got locked , why? We have to enforce 24/7 so that people are not confused about when and where they can park. By locking only on busy days would be misleading and confusing for some.

I called the police and all they told me was, "They could not make LMS take the lock off", why is that? Because you where on private property and LMS works under the town ordinance that allows private property owners to enforce parking by wheel locking.

Who should I speak with if I have a question? The LMS agent that comes to unlock your vehicle.

Are all the lots LMS enforces private property or public? All are private property.

What ordinances does LMS follow? All town set ordinances for each town LMS works in.

Does the property owner get involved with parking enforcement issues? NO LMS is hired to enforce all posted rules and to interact with violators.

Should I try to contact a property owner where I was wheel locked? NO they will refer you back to LMS.

Will a property owner speak to me about being locked? NO that is what they hire LMS for.

How should I contact LMS after I have been wheel locked if I have a concern or comment? By sending a message from this web site. If we find that your concern is valid we will send a response back.

Does LMS record all violator interaction? YES in most cases.

After being wheel locked should I take responsibility for my own actions? YES 99.9% of violators understand that they parked on private property and admit they saw the signs that are posted. 99.9% of violators pay the removal fee with no argument or disturbance.