Permit Enforced Lots

  • Would you like additional control over your lot with the use of permits?
  • Are you already utilizing permits but still having violators take up your spaces? 

LMS can implement a permit system that ensures only valid use of your parking spaces. LMS can also evaluate your current permitting system and tailor it to your current needs.


How Does Permitting Work?

LMS works directly with the property owner to design and facilitate production of permits for their lot. LMS will provide the following for all permit lots:
  • Printing and disbursement of permits to new clients 
  • Vehicle Assignment and Tracking
  • Waiting List Management
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Custom Renewal Letters and Notifications for permit holders
  • Accept payment for new and renewal permits
  • Invoicing for lot owner
  • Issuance of temporary permits   

       *We provide this service at no charge to property owner       


  • Lot patrol and enforcement with the utilization of wheel locks and or towing