Event Parking Services

Lot Management Solutions has serviced events such as:

  • Concert Tours
  • Grand Openings
  • Charitable Events/Fundraisers
  • Ground Breaking Ceremonies
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Local Estate/Home Events
  • Weddings and more...


How it Works

The LMS team of parking professionals can service events from hundreds to thousands of people. We have the experience and know how in this industry to accommodate a large amount of vehicle volume in a short amount of time safely and efficiently.

We provide our continued support during and after the event from ongoing monitoring of the vehicles, to guiding all guest vehicles out of a facility for a safe departure. All team members are trained extensively to perform friendly, courteous, safe and efficient operations based on the nature of your event. 

  • Our strobe light directional and traffic specialist help guide traffic in and out of facilities.
  • Our Valet Parking Specialists assist guests and provide that first & last impression to make your event a success. Valet parking can guarantee all of your guests are taken care of.
  • Our Parking Management Specialists provide our larger events with services they need to provide for a higher volume of vehicles and management of where those vehicles are stored. Enhanced with our parking consulting services, this division is flawless in its execution.

Have an event coming up? Email megan@lmsparking.com and give her the location and time for your event and an event specialists will get back to you to discuss your parking needs.