About Us


Experience, Professionalism, and Dedication

Lot Management Solutions is a privately owned and operated parking enforcement business with over 30 years of industry related experience. We've already put in the time and effort so you don't have to.

As a team of business professionals we understand that managing and operating a business can be stressful. We constantly strive to provide our clients with an easy solution for any problem that they may encounter.

We are dedicated to providing the perfect lot management solution for any situation. The last thing you need to worry about is if there is adequate parking for your customers, tenants, or students.


Customized Solutions For Any Problem

LMS will help alleviate unwanted stress and worry by providing you with a customized solution for your parking and lot management needs.

We will evaluate your capacity, convenience, and security needs and then determine what services are right for your business.

We will assist you in maintaining control of your property at all times. We always give our best effort to ensure that no one will park or loiter on your property without your permission.


Our System is Proven To Work

Lot Management Solutions is rapidly becoming the Nation’s premiere parking enforcement company. We set the standards for the industry and take pride in our Professionalism, and Dedication to our clients. 

The services we provide are proven to be highly successful, and beneficial to our clients for many reasons.  

A few examples include:

  • A decrease in unauthorized parking.
  • A decrease in unnecessary traffic.
  • A decrease in theft and all other crime.
  • A decrease in loitering and noise levels.
  • A decrease in littering and dumping.
  • An increase in available and convenient parking for your customers, tenants, or students.
  • And most importantly an increase happiness for the business owner, and their valuable customers.