References & Reviews

"Wheel locking and permitting has proven the most effective method of parking lot management over our past 20+ years in property management. LMS has repeatedly proven itself to be a reliable company."

Advanced Property Management & Referral Inc.

- Client of 15 years

"We have been using Lot Management Solutions for over thirteen years for all of our properties. We were using towing before and never got the same results as we have gotten from wheel locking. We would suggest that every property consider using the free services of LMS."

Butler Apartments

- Client of 13 years

"We are proof that LMS permitting and wheel locking is the best parking enforcement solution. Before LMS started enforcing our parking rules we would have problems with late night parties. We would have to send the police to our properties after tenants would call us all hours of the night for noise and fights. We have not had to deal with any of these problems for years now."

Kuster Properties

- Client of 9 years

“Our property is 30FT away from east carolina university & at first we did not think switching from a tow company would do us any good but after 2 weeks of enforcement from LMS Parking they cleaned up our 3 lots right next to campus & helped eliminate the struggles from students abusing our lots to go to class” 

Campus Towers, greenville NC

- Client of 1 year

“We have a huge property in the middle of UNCG that has had troubles in parking in the past & as soon as we signed a contract with LMS they continued to help us eliminate all of  our problems we face when it comes to visitors not parking where they are supposed to”

The Reserve. Greensboro NC

- Client of 1 year

“We have a conventional property where visitors have been taking reserve resident spots up against out building & we hired LMS to help take care of those problems and within about 3 weeks they took care of our problems. They serve as a service to our apartment complex as well as our residents” 

800 Mill, Winston Salem NC

- Client of 1 year


“Our 3 locations in greensboro NC are places where a lot of people like to park & go downtown near UNCG area & we always had a problem with people trying to take advantage of our parking lot & as soon as we got on board with LMS they fixed our problem in no time”

Student Quarters, Greensboro NC

- Client of 2 years